Online course for Teacher at School of Islamic Geometric Design

Learn from Eric Broug

Eric has been studying Islamic geometric design for over 25 years. He has given workshops around the world. His books have taught thousands of people how draw patterns and how to understand Islamic geometric design.

This course will teach you everything you need to know to give workshops yourself.

What You Get:

– A detailed, in-depth online course with over 25 tutorials. It will tell you everything you need to know to:
a) be a confident and engaging teacher
b) be a resourceful and effective educational entrepreneur

– Listing of your profile and contact details on the School of Islamic Geometric Design website for one year*

– One-on-one sessions with me while you study to become an accredited teacher

– Access to a teachers-only website as soon as you start, until one year after you successfully complete your course. It offers tips, relevant information, new tutorials that will enable you to keep developing, and the facility to ask me for help and advice. It will offer opportunities for you to connect with your fellow teachers around the world and share experiences.

*Your course payment gives you access for one year to the teachers-only website. If you successfully complete the course, your profile and details will be listed for one year. After one year, you can subscribe to: 
a)keep getting access and
b) to remain accredited and stay listed on the SIGD website.

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Make money doing what you love!

Give workshops to schools, to artists, to art lovers. Everyone loves Islamic geometric design and many people all over the world want to learn more about it. Now you can discover this market in your city and your country.

Eric Broug giving a masterclass on Islamic geometric design at Dubai Design Week

– 100% Online

– Set Your Own Pace

– Perpetual Access


“The course has been very useful for me as it gave me the know-how of understanding Islamic Geometry, from the basics till complex design levels, in addition to some tips in teaching & marketing process.”
“It is not only a course, it is a complete package as it gave me the starting material to make workshops and connected me with other teachers.”

“Being certified from the school was a good start for me in a new career as an Islamic Geometric Design instructor, as this certification increased my credibility among other institutes that i am dealing with for delivering courses and workshops.”

“After about 6 months I was able to make a complete career shift as an Islamic Geometric Designer and instructor.Taking a step like this was risky and challenging, it needed a great start to be able to continue, I believe that being certified from Islamic Geometric Design school was the right start that gives me the support I need.”

Be Your Own Boss!

You’re in charge of how much time and effort you devote to giving Islamic geometric design workshops. You can fit it around your daily life commitments.  You can start small, let word-of-mouth grow your business or you can be more pro-active and approach schools, cultural centres, etc. It’s up to you!

Eric Broug giving a workshop on Islamic geometric design in Dubai

Colourful handdrawn geometric patterns, made in a workshop