Schoolchildren in Yorkshire taking part in an Islamic geometric design workshopMaking Islamic geometric patterns is a fun and educational way to address topics like mathematics, creativity, heritage and (art)history in the classroom.

Our step-by-step approach to creating patterns means that everyone can keep up. Because we use templates as the first step, all the classroom output can be tessellated to make a bigger composition.


For Ages 10+

Our workshops teach kids about:

  • Art
  • Maths
  • History
  • Creativity
  • Accuracy
  • Focus
  • Manual Dexterity
  • Working Together

Book us for a day of workshops. A typical day at a school is:

1. Brief presentation at assembly and/or for parents

2. Two or three 90 minute workshops.

A tessellated composition of geometric stars, made in a school workshop

A school presentation on Islamic geometric design by Eric Broug

A 20 minute presentation at assembly for this school’s India Week. Our workshop used photos from Mughal architecture.

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Schoolchildren in Yorkshire drawing a big geometric star in the playground.

Enthused by the workshop, these children drew a big sixpointed star during break time.

Two school girls drawing a geometric pattern on the playground.

Two pupils draw a circle divided into eight equal sections; the first step in the pattern made in the workshop earlier.