Our workshops and lectures can cater to all audiences: young or old, students, professionals, teachers, artists, designers, historians. We offer them in English, French or Dutch. Our presentations are tailored, structured in such a way that the audience will be fully engaged. Some feedback from past workshops:

“A great workshop as it was clear, concise, and very supportive.”

“Very interesting, inshaAllah I hope to start practicing what he taught.”

“This was very well presented. These assignments were very easy to understand and will apply this learning in the near future.”

“We were taught about the contemporary geometric art which was useful and inspirational.”

fourfold tessellate

For Schools

lidget green1Making Islamic geometric patterns is a fun and educational way to address topics like mathematics, creativity, heritage and (art)history in the classroom.

Our step-by-step approach to creating patterns means that everyone can keep up. Because we use templates as the first step, all the classroom output can be tessellated to make a bigger composition.

Our school workshops can be 2 hours to half-day events. Suitable for ages 9 and older. Workshops will be tailored to the age of the participants.

Aga Khan Museum workshop

Hexagonal patterns are tessellated to make a group composition.

For Architects

Architects can benefit from learning about what has been best practice in Islamic geometric design for centuries. How to frame a composition, how to juxtapose design elements, how combine rectilinear with curvilinear elements etc. These rules have provided the context for creativity and innovation that has characterised Islamic geometric design for centuries: “You need to know the rules before you can break them”.

Nowadays, copy n paste is used, the repertoire of patterns is very limited and they are often applied in a bad way. This situation can and should be improved. Our workshops and lectures can address these issues in a practical and positive way.

Have a look at our educational resources for architects and designers


For Colleges & Universities

Current architecture and design students have the potential to be the generation that is able to use Islamic geometric design again creatively and innovatively. There are hundreds of patterns to use, and knowing how they are constructed means that the visual wealth that has characterised this design heritage for centuries, can be done justice again in the 21st century. Digital technology, new materials and manufacturing processes provide opportunities to innovatively exploit this wealth. Being aware of what the techniques and rules were, will enable students to feel part of a continuous design tradition. The masterpieces of this tradition came about through innovation, not replication. This creative ethos should be an integral part of the design curriculum,  one that does not just seek to preserve but seeks to give students the skills to be innovative. Our workshops and lectures offer all this: how to make patterns, how to tessellate, how to create new compositions that are still recognisably part of a design heritage.


Workshop for architecture and design students at Ajman University of Science and Technology, in the UAE

For Artlovers

Drawing Islamic geometric patterns is a rewarding way to be creative. With just a ruler and a pencil you can make many different patterns. For people who don’t consider themselves to be creative, it is an ideal way to nevertheless make something that is new. There is no need to wait for inspiration or to worry about whether it will ‘look good’. With our workshops, everyone just gets on with  it, regardless of age or ability. Participants can help each other because everyone works on the same pattern. When the drawing is done, it can be embellished and tessellated to make a group composition.hb workshop