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All our teachers have been trained by Eric Broug. We present this design heritage in a practical and historical context. We make it accessible, educational and fun.

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Our Teachers

Mostafa Sedky

location: Cairo, Egypt
phone: 0100 313 11 22
email: mostafa.sdky@gmail.com
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After working about 10 years in the engineering field, I realized the importance of dedicating my time and efforts towards finding my passion and shifting my career accordingly towards a happier and more fulfilling life! I took the decision in 2016, and started to explore and learn new skills, I applied in different arts and crafts workshops till I was introduced to Islamic Art for the first time in Beit El Sehimy- a historical place in Cairo- that was when I felt in love with this beautiful Art. And that was when the journey began! My vision is to revive Islamic art in Egypt by teaching people how to make products using Geometrical Designs, and supporting them in marketing their products.

I offer different packages from beginner till advanced level including digital work:

One day introductory workshop (6 hours)
16 hour workshop.
57 hour workshop.
72 hour workshop.
100 hour workshop

I also offer Geometry for Kids for children under 12 years old.I am targeting designers, architectures, craftsmen, Handmade passionate and all art lovers. I am also available for teaching worldwide if expenses paid.

Sarah Brewer

location: Mobile, Alabama, USA.
email: mathemartiste@gmail.com

By day, Sarah Brewer teaches college-level mathematics to high school students in Mobile, Alabama, USA. By night (and on the weekends) when she’s not wrangling her two young children, she’s making art that both inspires and is inspired by her mathematics.
Sarah holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Art History and Ceramics, and both Bachelor of Science and Master of Science degrees in Mathematics. She has received awards for both her art and her mathematics, and has enjoyed over ten years of teaching experience with groups of all ages.
Sarah is available for workshops geared toward school children, artists and designers, teachers of mathematics and other disciplines, and anyone else who wants to learn the beautiful art of Islamic Geometric Design in Mobile, AL and around the Gulf Coast region of the United States.

Adam Flood

location: Vancouver, BC, Canada
phone: 778-991-1134

I am very excited to be a teacher for the School of Islamic Geometric Design!
I have been researching and constructing Islamic geometric designs since 2010. In that time, I acquired and thoroughly read and utilized most books on the topic. I have also spent countless hours scouring the internet for pertinent information, which has included networking with fellow craftsmen from all over the world.
In 2016, I spent six weeks living in Fes el Bali, Morocco, apprenticing with professional tile craftsmen.I was trained how to construct Zellige tiles by hand (which are complex geometric ceramic tiles). My time spent in Morocco was also a great opportunity to research, in person, some of the finest Islamic geometric compositions in the world.
With all of this experience, I have created many original works of fine art, and hope to help others do the same.
As a teacher I am offering,
-Youth workshops (ages 8-12)
-Teen workshops (ages 13-17)
-General Workshops (ages 18 and up)
I am available in the all of the Lower Mainland and Vancouver Island, BC, Canada. However, with expenses paid, I am available worldwide.

Rasha Garrash

location: Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

الحياة من حولنا أنماط

قد نستطيع قراءتها أو قد نغرق في التفاصيل ونغفل عن الرجوع للخلف وقراءة الصورة الكبيرة ككل

في الفن الإسلامي نقرأ الأنماط والتصاميم المعقدة ونحللها لعناصرها البسيطة لنكتشف أننا عدنا إلى العنصر الأساسي الأول الدائرة، الحلقة المفرغة……ببساطة هكذا هي الحياة

سأكون سعيدة بتعليم بقواعد وأسس هذا الفن والتي تعلمتها من السيد Eric Broug  لمن يرغب بالإبحار فيه، سنكون من خطوطاً مستقيمة ودوائر أنماطاً تبدو للوهلة الأولى شديدة التعقيد….

ستحظى بتعلم لغة جديدة وهواية تشاركها مع أطفالك وأصدقائك وستدمن حمل الفرجار والمسطرة معك في كل مكان لأنك لن تمل من ابداعك

We may be able to read them or we may be drowned in detail and forgot to step back to read the big picture as a whole

In Islamic geometric art, we read complex patterns and analyze them into their simple components to find out that we go back to the first basic element “the circle” the empty circle…..simply so is the life

I would be happy to teach the rules and basics of this art -which I have learnt from Mr. Eric Broug- to those who like to navigate in this art.

You will be able to learn a new language and hobby to share with your children and friends.

You can contact me to get more info about the schedules of the workshops that are held regularly in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.