Step 1 Start with a circle divided into ten equal sections. (You can download and print a template here)

Mamluk star2-01

Step 2 Draw one continuous lines that ends where it starts. Start at any intersection, skip two intersects and connect to the third intersection. Skip two, go to the third. Repeat until you end up where you started.
Mamluk star2-02Step 6

Step 3 Draw a fivepointed star as indicated.
Mamluk star2-03aStep 7

Step 4 Draw another fivepointed star as indicated.
Mamluk star2-04

Step 5 All the construction lines have now been drawn. Take a different colour pen or pencil and draw the red kite shape, tracing parts of lines you have drawn in the previous steps.

Step 6 Draw the remaining nine kite shapes. Be systematic about which lines you draw in which order.

Step 7 All the lines have been drawn. Your star pattern is complete.

Step 8 Your pattern without the construction lines
Mamluk star2-image