Quality Islamic Geometric Design Patterns in DXF format

The immense repertoire of patterns that form the heritage of Islamic geometric design can now be more effectively used in architecture and design with the patterns files available here. Available for the first time in an easy-to-tessellate DXF file format,  these patterns are offered in rectangular and square format and have been designed so that they seamlessly connect with the adjacent identical patterns.

Each purchase offers two DXF files:
a) pattern with single lines only (file name ending: /a)
b) pattern with offset lines (file name ending: /b)

Pattern 1

Pattern 4

Pattern 7

Pattern 10

Pattern 13

Pattern 2

Pattern 5

Pattern 8

Pattern 11

Pattern 14

Pattern 3

Pattern 6

Pattern 9

Pattern 12

Pattern 15

All the pattern files available here are designed so that they can be tessellated in a grid. Scaling the grid will enable you to perfectly proportion your geometric composition.

There are three types of patterns: fourfold, fivefold and sixfold patterns. These types have their own specific grid proportions.

Proportions for these rectangles can be simply derived, for example as below,

What Not to Do

  1. Don’t stretch a pattern