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Over 1,000 students have taken this course. For most it has been the first in-depth introduction to this design tradition. The many 5 star reviews demonstrate how valuable and useful this course is. Take it now! Set your own pace, revisit the lectures as often as you want.

Some of the reviews:

“Extremely knowledgeable instructor, perfect level of difficulty (i.e., for beginners starting from scratch). Really appreciated all the photos of inspirational design.”

“Thank you for the great course. I find it very useful and it made things much easier understand the processes of making patterns. Special thanks for the printable templates :)”

“Eric has done a great job in keeping it simple and concise, adhering to the subject throughout. His knowledge and understanding of Islamic Geometry and architecture is enviable. Having travelled around the Islamic world myself, I can appreciate his passion towards the subject. My next step is to purchase Eric’s books and continue learning! I would highly recommend this course to anyone wanting to engage themselves in learning Islamic Geometry.”

“I learned the basics of Islamic Geometric design in elementary school, and finding this course is a dream that came true. The books that Eric has done are way beyond great as a reference and a true trademark in the field. I am very happy that I have found him and got a chance to be among his students in this wonderful course! Thanks Eric”

“Clear, concise and well prepared. Easy to follow. Would recommend this course to anyone and everyone interested in geometric patterns! Where is the advanced course? I want to enroll to that one.”