lidget green1Making Islamic geometric patterns is a fun and educational way to address topics like mathematics, creativity, heritage and (art)history in the classroom.

Our step-by-step approach to creating patterns means that everyone can keep up. Because we use templates as the first step, all the classroom output can be tessellated to make a bigger composition.

Islamic Geometric Patterns (Thames & Hudson, 2008)

Hundreds of teachers around the world use this book in the classroom. It has over twenty patterns, suitable for all ages and skill levels. Available in many good bookshops and online retail outlets.

Classroom posters

The essential principles of Islamic geometric design can be shown in just a few illustrations. These classroom posters enable pupils to understand these essential principles in a visual way.  Posters have  a brief explanation in English but the images should speak for themselves, so should work in any classroom, regardless of language or country.   Width: 100cms. You can order them here.

Poster 1

Poster 2

Poster 3

root threeIslamic Geometric Design is a good way to visualise and practically explain certain mathematical concepts. This image shows a sixfold pattern, tessellated in hexagons. The rectangle shows a possible repeat unit for this pattern, whose dimensions can always be root three proportions.

Free Templates

It’s worth using the templates on this website because
1) everyone starts with an accurate foundation
2) everyone has an identical square or hexagon so that at the end of the lesson, all the creative output can be tessellated to make a bigger composition.

All our free templates are on this public Google Drive folder. Feel free to download and print, just make sure you choose the right one!