The School of Islamic Geometric Design offers online educational resources, workshops and lectures.  Learn how to draw, and understand geometric compositions using the same techniques craftsmen have used for centuries. The School was established in 2014 by Eric Broug and is based in the UK. Please support us.

A workshop In Al Fahidi heritage neighbourhood in Dubai

Free PDF Templates

All step-by-step instructions on this website (and in Eric’s books) start with a a circle divided into x number of equal sections. You can download and print this first step to help you get started.  Download the templates here from a Google Drive folderJust make sure you choose the right one!

At one of the workshops at the Global Islamic Economy Summit 2016 in Dubai, sponsored by Noor Bank.

A creative and unorthodox solution to wrapping a geometric pattern around a corner. At the National Mosque of Malaysia in Kuala Lumpur.

At an Istanbul workshop.

Drawing from a Vancouver workshop.

At Dubai Design Week 2016.

Certificates, handed out in Doha at Galaxy Academy, for my CPD training Architectural Best Practice in Islamic Geometric Design.

The Islamic Geometric Design Family Tree.

Maths Day at a British public school.