Cairo building, facade with geometric screens

We offer workshops, lectures, training and online educational resources. We visit schools, businesses, cultural centres etc.

Learn how to draw, and understand geometric compositions using the same techniques craftsmen have used for centuries.

The School was established in 2014 by Eric Broug and is based in the UK.


Free PDF Templates

All step-by-step instructions on this website (and in Eric’s books) start with a a circle divided into x number of equal sections. You can download and print this first step to help you get started.  Download the templates here from a Google Drive folderJust make sure you choose the right one!

Online Course for Teacher at School of Islamic Geometric Design

School founder, Eric Broug, created a very popular video tutorial with Ted Ed. It has given a brief and concise introduction to Islamic geometric design to millions of viewers around the world. Watch it below.

A new edition of this popular book by School founder, Eric Broug.It has 16 extra pages, 7 new patterns.
Using step-by-step instructions, this book has introduced thousands of people to this design heritage.
book: Islamic Geometric Patterns, by Eric Broug

Eric Broug at Dubai Design Week 2016

At Dubai Design Week 2016.

Eric Broug teaching Islamic geometric patterns at a British school

Maths Day at a British public school.

An arabic gentleman drawing an Islamic geometric pattern at the GIES conference in Dubai.

At one of the workshops at the Global Islamic Economy Summit 2016 in Dubai, sponsored by Noor Bank.